Sunday, May 3, 2015

Project #16 Reflection

For Project #16 my group and I did Dust Bowl Dance. After presenting our project there could have been a few things done differently. I think if we would have practiced the actual presentation a little,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNEmahiUF-6PMR-bqwOgOV3lNqOEnA&ust=1430801624734873
more it would have gone smoother, but other than that I do not think it was too bad. I liked our project and the concept behind it. Overall, I enjoyed this project and loved seeing what everyone else came up with. Some people's presentations were really good and well rehearsed. I liked how ours incorporated a lot of different materials for the projects that our students could use.

Project #16

Technology & Teaching: My Philosophy

         My philosophy for technology and teaching would be to know as much about it as possible. Technology is a wonderful tool for classrooms, offices, and homes. Now we should not completely rely on it and make it our everyday lives, but there is so much to learn and create with this technology. For teaching, technology can help a lot. Either some teachers are full on using technology in the classroom or others are slowly incorporating it. Teaching with technology can help in many of ways such as getting kids engaged, progressing students, and a lot of others. Overall, use as much of the resources as possible and learn about things as much as we can.,d.b2w&psig=AFQjCNEKsqNUprWGm76UuyS8kxeCG0xcaQ&ust=1430840007470663

Blog Assignment #16

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Part #2 Blog Assignment #5

This semester I learned about PLN's and how useful they are for not only teachers, but also for students. I did not realize though that by using Twitter, I was using a PLN until EDM 310. I will for sure continue to use PLN's throughout my teaching career and for my own personal use. The PLN's that I use is Twitter, Delicious, Edutopia, and Skype.,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNGesi-4RRKUz8qAaNUJkwcrcAr8Hw&ust=1430763333620409

C4T April

I was able to comment on Becky Goerend's  blog this month. Becky talked about how she likes to make a connection with the students she teaches. She mentions how being a teacher is rewarding, but the relationships we make with our students can change the way we are. She recently moved classrooms and started to teach a different area and was worried about if she would be able to make connections with her new students like her previous ones. Needless to say, she of course did make a connection with them and realized that all that she did can change a students life. I like how she mentions that even though teaching is important that having a connection with your students is also important.

C4K April

This past month I was able to comment on a few great kids blog's.

On Audrey's blog in Ms. L's class was about about a book report she did. She wrote about the book Forevermore by Cindy Miles. She did a great job about keeping the reader interested about what the book is really about. Audrey also gave great descriptive scenes in the report that gave the reader a better visual of the things that were going on.

The other child's blog I posted on was William's from Mr. Gardner's class. William had a poem about the sense that people have. The poem was all about how people tweet on Twitter. He talks about how the things we tweet can bring in the different sense while just being on the internet.

This week I was able to comment on Tynisha's blog. Her blog was about her bucket list, which is were she sees herself in the next five and ten years. In five years from now she sees herself being in her first year of college. Ten years from now she says she plans to have a good job that pays a lot of money. Her goal in life it to get a lot of money and life a good life.,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNFwRBkQb_HJGJ9m-ZAsvYYFhIXCrQ&ust=1429290569322246